thanks for being there

Do you have a mentor? Tell us about him or her. Are you a mentor to someone else? Tell us what that relationship has added to your life.

It’s really interesting when I read the well-wishes from friends on Facebook 2 weeks ago. The interesting posts were written by my ex-students whom I used to work with when I was working as a Christian Ministry Staff in my alma mater.

Sharon C. “Happy birthday Ms Yuen!! Thank you for being such a blessing in my life during one of the lowest points in my life so far 5 years ago. You have been such an inspiration to me by giving God the best years of your life to do His work. May you have a great birthday this year knowing that you’re inspiring others with whatever you’re doing!!”

Jessica K. “Thank you for being there in my secondary school days”

Although it’s not a whole bunch of people, but it makes me think “why is it that they remember that specific time after so long”? It has been 3 years since I left working with them. I don’t know what kind of qualities I had, but I do know that my goal and belief was that “I want to be a friend/sister/mentor to these girls, that they do not have to turn to their peers/friends for advice but know that there’s someone who’s older and who believes in them and wants to bring out the best in them” So, then I started the Christian Fellowship, where I met regularly to disciple them and pray with them. And also availing my office for them to hang out and talk about their problems in a non-threatening manner.

Do I have a mentor? That’s a hard question. I always wanted to find a mentor, and there are people in my life whom I looked up to and sought advice from, but I don’t necessary will call them my mentor. I feel like I was always trying to find people to mentor me, but there wasn’t anyone available or suitable. Only last year, that I have finally stopped trying to find a mentor. I still learn from people who are more experienced than me, but I don’t seek out a person who will notice the great in me and want to develop that further. I realised that I’m the only one who can develop the great in me (if I want to).

Last year, I did a Life Coach Training. I have a coach to coach me and I have learnt also to coach others. I discovered that it was very helpful, because a coach/mentor doesn’t have to have all the answers, they just have to ask the right questions and drawing out the potentials and reining in the decisions to make things happen.

I enjoy developing people and seeing them reach their potentials when they or others can’t see it happen.

bye, iPad

Today, we said a sudden goodbye to our 1st Gen iPad. The husband saw that Target is giving $200 Gift cards for iPad trade-ins, including the 1st Gen. So, in less than 5 minutes, he kinda convinced me to backup and head to Target to check if the deal is real.

It’s a painful thing to trade-in our iPad. Though it’s obsolete, we can’t update to the latest OS anymore, but we bought it with our wedding money, and it had served me well for the last 2.5 years..

“Take it as ‘upgrading to a better one’ “, says the husband. We do hope to get the iPad Mini or iPad Air in the coming weeks to come..

Offer at Target ends 9 Nov, so if you have a 1st Gen iPad, go trade-in for $200 (you can’t get that price anywhere). Or be like some Craiglist guy who bought a 2nd hand iPad for $100 instantly and trade in for $200.

if I had a million bucks

If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?

1. To buy a house with 2 bedrooms and more, so that one or two of the rooms can be used as guest rooms and for Air B&B kind of thing.

2. To register for a cooking school.


3. To buy a space to run a community cafe. I have this dream of running a community cafe; to make good, healthy food for people, in a pay-it-forward manner. People can volunteer in the cafe for food, and pay for the meal or more to bless another

moved by music

Writing Challenge: Moved by Music

I followed The Daily Post for their writing challenges. Their current post really caught my eye, because I was just thinking about a song today.

Pour my love on you, Misty Edwards’ version

The song just describes my thoughts and feeling about God. The awesomeness of God in my life, my desire to live my life for Him, giving my most treasured possession for him though others may think that it’s wasted.


So, I signed up for #NaBloPoMo. It stands for “National Blog Post Month” in November. Chanced upon it on

Well, I’m pretty apprehensive and excited about it. I’m trying to blog more, take more photos, but I usually have no inspiration. So, the blog gets stagnant. I’m really excited about the questions that are posted and ready to write about them. But we’ll see how many days I can last…

char siew (barbecue roast pork)

Growing up, I only eat the char siew that my grandma makes. If she bought it from the foodstalls, I would know, and I would NOT touch it. The ones she makes is always juicy and tender, the color is appealing, not like some that are falsely red and tough.

I have/NEED to call my grandma and ask for her secret recipe. And try to replicate just like hers.

But so far, the ones that I made have been de-li-cious!

Using Rasa Malaysia’s recipe as a base and tweaking it to what I have on hand.

I use Lee Kum Kee’s Char Siew sauce + oyster sauce + soy sauce + white pepper + five-spice powder + sesame oil.

Marinating the pork with garlic and the sauce overnight.

Roasting it in the oven at 375°F for 1 hour, with 15 minutes interval, turning the pork and brushing the sauce over the meat each interval.

Remember to wrap the baking tray with aluminum foil, this saves lots of washing troubles!

There are many wonderful things of making char siew. One is that the aroma of the char siew fills the house after roasting! Another is that I like to make 1-1.5lb of them, slice them into pieces and pack them into baggies and freeze them. Later, I’ll use them for my Wanton Noodles, or just add them to any regular noodles quick fixes.