We drive past a Pho restaurant everyday, Pho Luu. Today, I wanted to drop by there for dinner, but the husband said to make my own. I only made once with my previous landlady, and I don’t think I had the ingredients.

After some thoughts, yea I think it’s a possible feat. I already bought the rice noodles with making Pho one day in mind. I have some frozen leftover beef stock, I had some beef stew meat, onions, cilantro, jalapeno, no bean sprouts but no biggie, I’m the only one eating the veggies anyway.

I searched and found a recipe on Food Network that doesn’t require beef bones to make the stock (of coz beef bones would be the most authentic thing, but I don’t have all day to make dinner, I intend to eat today, not tomorrow, and I don’t have the ability to buy the bones to make the stock).

Anyway, the recipe calls for canned beef stock (exactly what I have), cinnamon sticks and star anise (both of which I didn’t have). I happened to chance upon or revelation struck me that I can substitute Chinese 5 spice powder for the spice.

Here’s to my yummy bowl of Pho! It tasted like Pho, except that maybe I added a little too much Chinese 5 spice powder, will try 1/4 tsp next time.

The husband slurped it up and said it filled his tummy. Saved us $15 tonight!



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