help, I’m addicted to my macaroons

Even though they don’t look great. They are actually quite addicitive. Have one and you can’t stop. But I had to, as I’m still nursing the sinus flu..


It’s my 2nd time trying to make macaroons. The first time was a complete flop. I didn’t even whip the egg whites to a foam! They were wet and useless.

This time, i did whip the egg whites to a pulp, I mean foam, measuring everything out nicely. I didn’t have a kitchen scale so I borrowed our office’s shipping scale. Well, a scale is a scale is a scale.

The messy part was when I tried to pipe the batter. It didn’t come out from the tip, but the top of the bag! Dang!

Only 2 halfs out of 20 came out the way it should be. The rest cracked.

I found that a couple of things could cause macaroons to crack – oven being too hot, tapping the tray to release the air would prevent them from cracking.

I’ll not give up! I’ll try again and master it someday. To becoming MasterChef!!!


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