espresso shots cheesecake brownies


There aren’t much desserts that the hubs eats and wants me to make it again. Not that it’s not delicious, but he doesn’t have a sweet tooth (or so he says). Well, he doesn’t like cookies much, I guess the dessert that he really likes is cheesecake. I saw this wonderful Espresso Cheesecake Brownies on Annie’s Eats blog. And made them for Labour Day. The hubs requested for it to be made when we go visit friends in Denver later today.

I didn’t like the idea of bringing the whole baking dish, as I actually want to keep half of the dessert for our OWN consumption. So I came up with a ‘brilliant’ idea! I cut them into little bites, using tequila shot cups, This way, I have the leftovers for our own consumption. Well, the leftovers are left in a mess in the baking dish.

To make them fancier, I topped them with chocolate shavings. MasterChef in the making??


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