I had a sudden memory of our wedding cake. It is the BEST cake I’ve ever eaten. It was a Earl Grey flavored ! We had a friend who recommended Crummb, but of course we couldn’t afford the cake. But the founder of Crummb made the cake for us and blessed us with it! When she told us about the flavor, I chose the most special one that I’ve never tried before.

Well, since then, I had made an Earl Grey Pound Cake, which taste heavenly. I haven’t thought about making an Earl Grey cake since.

Until.. today, I want to bake 鸡蛋糕 (translated Egg Cake). Wouldn’t it be something if I make an Earl Grey flavored 鸡蛋糕? So, combining Rasa Malaysia’s recipe with 1 Tbsp of Earl Grey Tea leaves, I made myself some Earl Grey 鸡蛋糕.

Divine! A wisp of Earl Grey Tea as you bite into the cake.



The lovely rose from the garden.

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